How it all works

Let's not make this complicated. The hardest part will be deciding to book and picking a date. The rest I will help guide you through. From clothing advice, location, and posing, all you need to worry about is showing up and being yourself!

Reach out

Head over and fill out this contact form to get started. This gives me an idea of what type of session you are looking for and if I'm available to book within your timeline.

Introduction call

I'll give you a call to run over the basis; timing, location, and what you have envisioned for your session. If you are booking a wedding, we'll view a previous Wild Rye's wedding to give you an idea of what a wedding day looks like. If you are local I'd love to take your for coffee or tea to discuss!

Book to make official

After setting a date and your contract has been signed, we'll get into the details and prepare for you session. For weddings, I'll work with your planner or you on developing timelines for the day and offer guidance on arranging your day of. For portraits, we will discuss clothing options, location, time of day, and how to prepare yourself, and or your family (pets included)!

Session Date

You show up and I'll guide the rest! I'll introduce you on core poses we'll use throughout the session as well as capture those authentic candid in between moments.

Gallery Delivery

After our session, I'll deliver your gallery via email for your review. You'll have access to download the full gallery or single images. See a stray hair or wish you had an image in black and white? No problem, I always offer minor touch-ups free of charge.


Where are you located & do you travel?

Little Rock, Arkansas! I love getting out and about so travel is not an issue. If your location is more than 3 hours away, contact me to discuss and plan!

What is your editing style?

I don't have a "term" for my editing style, but I would lean to more of a brighter look over dark and dramatic style. I like to feature candid moments of you as well as feature whatever location we're in!

What if there is bad weather?

If you're up for an adventure and some creativity, sometimes the unexpected produces some killer results! Otherwise, we will look to reschedule if conditions are not safe.

How many weddings do you take a year?

I am always 100 percent upfront with my clients that I split my photography with my day job. This means to keep my sanity and produce a high quality experience for you, I limit myself to no more than 7-10 weddings a year.

How many images will I receive?

There are no set numbers of images and it highly depends on your session type and package selected. I generally quote for an hour session you can expect to receive 20 - 50 favorite images. I like to include plenty of variety in the full gallery as your favorites might differ from mine!

When are images delivered?

For portrait sessions, I try to get images out within two weeks if not earlier and for weddings, approximately four to six weeks.